Grow Mortgage Customers with Pulse

It’s a truth rarely acknowledged that it’s your job to find your audience, and not your audience’s job to find you.

This is especially true when your market has the potential to be as many and varied as that of the mortgage market.

As a mortgage professional, you have all manner of potential markets to target, from first time buyers, to commercial and business owners and you are much more likely to get their attention by identifying a particular group, narrowing your marketing focus, and targeting your efforts at that particular market niche.

If you get to know your chosen niche, you are much more likely to turn that niche into a group of prospective and ultimately, actualized clients.

Here’s how to go about it with six easy steps.

1. Identify & Select

Selecting your niche should be the first step in any marketing process. Begin by asking yourself a series of practical questions, such as:

  • Are they contactable via mailing list?
  • Do they represent the vast majority of my existing contact base?
  • Do they present the smallest challenges of any other group?

Always remember that you want to select a group who have already expressed their need for a mortgage – by doing this, some of the work is already completed for you.

2. Tailor your marketing message

Developing a unique marketing message all begins with research.

You’ve identified your niche, now you need to identify the problem you need to solve in order to turn that niche into a client base.

You should perform extensive market research, and find a unique solution that you can provide to address that group’s unique problem/s.

Once you’ve done this, work on your message to reflect this solution and produce promotional materials that will communicate this.

3. Create a prospect list

Once you’ve finished with step 2, you need to compile a list of potential clients who fit the bill.

4. Contact your potential clients

You’ve got your list – now it’s time to use it. Begin by utilizing your promotional tools, and sending them in the direction of your potential clients.

Be sure to include contact details for you/your business, and offer them something in return for their proactive contact – a free guide, a telephone consultation etc.

5. Follow-up

Your work is not over – and your potential clients have yet to be transformed into actualized clients.

Make contact once or twice more over a period of around a month (too much contact will put them off, but too little will undo all your existing hard work.)

Once you’ve done this, all clients will be sub-divided into three groups: prospects, applications and closed deals. Each group warrants its own further strategy.

6. Implement a referral program

Generally speaking, most niche groups will talk amongst themselves, so it is important to make the most of vicarious connections via existing clientele from your chosen niche.

Create the infrastructure for a program in which actual clients can reap rewards from telling their friends about your solution.

To learn more about how you can use a program to help you expand your prospect base, contact Focus IT. We have Pulse which is a mortgage CRM software that allows you to easily integrate and manage an email marketing campaign.

Pulse integrates with Calyx PointCentral as well as Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, so you can access everything you need in one central location. 

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