Assigning user or user group
Access rights to a data folder



1. Log into your PointCentral Administration site.
2. From the left Navigation Menu, go to Data Folders, then List Data Folders.

3. Click Edit next to the Data Folder to which you are assigning access rights.

4. Beneath the Edit Data Folder screen, you will see the Group Access Rights and the User Group Access Rights options.

5. You can modify current setting by clicking on edit next to the Group Name or User Name, or click on “Add User Group Access Rights or Add User Access Rights” to add a new group or User.

6. In the Add Access Rights window, select the desired rights that you want for either that Group or User.

7, Scroll down to the bottom of the screen when done and click on “Update Group Access Rights” to save the changes.

8. These rights will only go into effect once the user logs out of Point and back in again.