Steps are as follows

1. Find it at the top of your list
2. Go to the Actions button and click the down arrow
3. Select Copy from the list
4. Click on confirm
5. Click on OK
6. Now you will see a second copy of the Master with an _ and numbers at the end
7. Open this copy up, not the Master
8. Click Next under Step 1, it’s already setup
9. Under Step 2 change the Name of the Template by removing Master DO NOT USE THIS ONE_#### and replacing it with today’s date. So it would look like this *Weekly Newsletter – 06-15-17 and click
10. Scroll down on the page and check the box under Recipients Targeted next to Borrowers and Co-Borrowers
11. Make sure the Operating Mode is set to Production
12. Click on Next
13. Scroll down under Step 3 for Template to locate the word Pass Here
14. Highlight the words and pasta in your new News Letter body
15. Scroll down and click on Next
16. Under One-Time change the date to today’s date
17. Click on Next
18. On the final screen you can also click on the Hyperlink labled TEST EMAIL to send yourself a sample of the News Letter to make sure everything looks OK before it goes out to your clients.