“Managing leads is a key part of any mortgage professional’s work.”

Not only does it aid organizational procedures and allow you to keep on top of your work, it also increases overall workflow and can make you the master of your own profession, allowing you to become an expert who makes informed and intelligent decisions.

Keeping track of leads can also give you a competitive advantage in an already competitive market, allowing you to be aware of the leads which maximize desired results, and those which yield little benefit.

In order to manage leads within the mortgage industry and yield the best results, it’s vital that you make use of lead management software, which will enable you to complete the process in a timely and efficient manner.

Doing so in this way can be the difference between learning a little and learning a lot.

What should I look for in lead management software?

As with everything, not all lead management software applications are created equally. To get the most out of your lead management, it must possess the following:

  • Capabilities which allow it to draw leads from multiple sources in order to facilitate analysis
  • Easy accessibility to lead history
  • Holistic and intuitive user interface from which everything related to the leads can be accessed
  • Ability to group leads for targeted marketing and access
  • Quick conversion from lead to loan
  • Notification and alert capabilities
  • Ability to connect leads, loan providers, and potential buyers together

What should I ask when selecting a lead management solution?

If you’ve found a lead management solution that offers all of the above, and are almost ready to go, don’t be hasty: if they can answer questions related to the following things with satisfactory solutions, however, you know you’re working with a quality product.

  • Does your software offer me a means of assessing results in contrast to our proposed business targets in a clear and intuitive manner?
  • Will it allow me to deduce realistic, yet ambitious future goals in relation to past mortgage data?
  • Is there a means of isolating criteria such that it can provide me with a shortlist of areas that are more likely to yield maximized mortgage business?
  • Does your software allow me to measure and forecast the success of relative business aspects?


Don’t be afraid to press them on the details – a good lead management system can really improve a mortgage business, but an excellent one can enable a mortgage professional to have a complete grasp on the market, and a self-generating enterprise.

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