As a new section to our blogs and monthly webinars, focusIT wanted to start having monthly interviews with different departments to update our customer on where we are at with our products, and where we hope to go in the upcoming months! Our second interview this month was with the head of our Pulse team, Pam Padley. 

I am sure many of you have worked with her in the past, but Pam really believes in Pulse and wants to make sure we can meet every single customer’s needs.
Earlier this year we released Pulse 4.0! For those of you that haven’t heard, Pulse 4.0 improved many features of Pulse, most notable the reporting section! This is a project Pam has worked tirelessly on for a number of months and she was very excited to speak with me about it. Below is a summary of that conversation. (To learn more about this release you can read our previous blog post here)

In summary what are the exciting new features our customer receive in this new release?
Pulse 4.0 is an update that: sped up the application, streamlined the navigation to require less mouse clicks, delivered a pipeline view for leads and loans that completely customizable, and you can now download your custom reports!

Is there something about this system that people not using Pulse NEED TO KNOW? 
Our redesigned Pipeline View is amazing. As a previous user of Point myself I know that one of the features missing in Point is the ability to customize your view to manage your pipeline. Pulse now offers this to you! A better managed pipeline results in no leads or loans getting lost.

If you were a first time looker at Pulse, what would be a feature that would stand out to you about this new release?
Our new pipeline view and reporting page would easily stand out to me. In just a few clicks you can have the report completely customized to your exact needs! The other feature of course would be our automated emails to borrowers.

What is your favorite feature of the Pulse 4.0 release?
Being able to have customers download reports. This is a request we got a lot in the past not only from Pulse users, but PointCentral users. We can now offer this to anybody using PointCentral, and that is really exciting! 

Overall, how has the roll out been and what has customer feedback been?
The biggest feedback we have received since the release, from not only existing Pulse users but Pulse prospects on our weekly demo, is that they love they can customize the pipeline view and download those results! The ability to create interactive reports with live data is something they couldn’t do before. You don’t have to close and save things it is all happens in real time! We also always get rave reviews about the automated emails as well! We usually get emails and calls from our customers within 72 hours stating they love them and so do their borrowers.

For users waiting for their roll out, do you have any info for them? Average roll out time? How they should expect to be contacted about their roll out? Info about the process itself? 
The Pulse team will be contacting each account letting them know when their update will occur. Right now we are expecting to have all Pulse sites updated by the end of March. We work hand in hand with our clients to make sure that the roll out is a success and that we meet their needs.

For any of you looking to find out more about Pulse 4.0 sign up for our weekly demo! You can also contact our sales team directly. They would love to answer any of your questions.

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