Email Marketing for Mortgage Companies

Any business that is planning a marketing strategy should know that email marketing is a vital component of their overall marketing plan. 

While many businesses use the internet for marketing purposes, too many have failed to implement an email specific plan. 

Email is used by 150 million people, and those users come from all age, gender, race, and education groups.  Email marketing is a great opportunity to reach an expansive group of potential customers.

If you aren’t taking advantage of that opportunity, you are missing out on the chance to build your business and customer base.

Reaching Out

One of the major benefits to email marketing is that you can reach a huge group of people at a much lower cost than direct mail or other marketing methods.  If you use direct mail, you have to pay for every postcard or flyer that goes out. 

However, it doesn’t cost you any more to click one more name on your contact list and add it to a mass email.  Email marketing also takes less time than direct mail and many other forms of marketing. 

You can easily compose and send a mass email to your entire subscriber list in much less time than it would take to design, order, and send a direct mail campaign.

Easy to Use

Thanks to helpful software, email marketing can be quick and simple to use.  The entire process can be automated with easy templates, list management options, and the ability to track results. 

This means that not only can your email process allow you to deliver a marketing campaign, but it can also allow you to easily monitor the results of that marketing campaign.

This will gives you valuable feedback in regard to your efforts.

Direct and Targeted

Email marketing is a great tool because it allows you to market directly to potential customers who you already know are interested in your products and services.

The recipients have signed up to receive information from you, which tells you that they are clearly interested in what you are offering. 

At this point, your task is simply to provide those interested parties with information about your product or service in order to keep them engaged and strengthen your own brand identity.

Catch Their Attention

Not sure what to include in your email marketing efforts?  You should always start off with a subject line that will catch the recipient’s attention. 

A catchy subject line encourages the recipient to open the email and click on the link to take them back to your website. 

The email body should include news and information that you want to share with your subscribers.  This could include news about sales or promotions or tips and hints related to your service.


Of course, you should plan to use your email marketing campaign as a way to integrate email with your overall marketing strategy.  Email marketing is not a substitute for a comprehensive marketing campaign. 

It does, however, allow you to quickly and easily reach a wider audience of prospective customers who have already demonstrated interest in your business.

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