Hosted PointCentral

Leave the data migration + day-to-day maintenance of your hosting to the largest Calyx hosting partner in the nation — you have other things to focus on.

focusIT is the largest Calyx hosting partner in the nation. Our customers trust us to run their PointCentral installation because we make it a simple, safe, affordable process. Our experienced staff will install PointCentral, copy all related data to the server and assist with connecting your PointCentral workstations. We also manage the server, ensuring your backups, patches, and updates are properly installed and maintained.


Easy Setup

Platform up and running in under a week so you can focus on…whatever else you want? Done Deal.

Attentive Support

A support team that’s ready to serve you from 5am–10pm MST, 7 days a week.

Speedy Case Resolution

65% of cases are resolved within’ 30 minutes so you never have to worry about your hosting eating into your bottom line.

Daily Backups

Daily backups — don’t sweat the small stuff (like losing that huge update you just spent the past 10 hours on).
  • Secure infrastructure is housed in state-of-the-art Amazon data centers
  • PointCentral upgrades rolled out quickly
  • Quickly access PointCentral: it takes less than 4 seconds to upload the average PDF
  • Daily backups to three different locations to make sure data is never lost
  • US-based live support via phone or email available 7 days a week
  • Superior case resolution times: 65% of cases resolved within 30 minutes
  • Average time to open or save a Point file is under 1 second
  • 65% of all cases resolved in less than 30 minutes over previous 90 days
  • Over the past 90 days, our total NPS score was 93. Other market leaders in the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) segment average NPS score is 45-50


We offer two billing choices, block or per user, ensuring you have the best pricing choice for your needs.

1 to 5 Users


monthly flat fee

Unlimited Doc Storage

6 to 20 Users


monthly flat fee

Unlimited Doc Storage

Users 21 to 100

$149 for first 20 users then


per user / per month

1GB per user included storage

101 to 250 Users

$149 for first 20 users then


per user / per month

1GB per user included storage

251+ Users

$149 for first 20 users then


per user / per month

1GB per user included storage

Excess Storage

1 to 1000 GB / $1 per GB
1001+ GB / $0.50 per GB
Ready to use Hosted PointCentral?

What our clients are saying about Hosted PointCentral

“Brandon demonstrated such patience  knowledge in resolving the issue, long after I had given up, he got my system working!”

Sandra Johnson

“I’ve used Point for years and learned a few new things by listening in and am going to be able to simplify things for my processors with the template tricks [I learned on your customer training webinars].”

Jennifer Gudino

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