Why Choose focusIT For Your PointCentral Hosting?

Not only are we Calyx’s original hosting provider, we are also their top hosting provider! We work with over 2,400 active mortgage companies, and support over 17,000 users. 

Unlike other hosting provides, focusIT has never charged additional fees to their users.  Your Security Health Check-Up and Support is included — never leaving you to worry over a fee for the customer service you deserve.

Our users have access to their data 24/7 and we promise a 99.9% uptime on our hosting. If our users ever experience an issue, we have our support staff available from 5am-10pm PST 7 days a week to help them resolve any issues.

But more than that? We have the fastest, most reliable, hosting platform compared to our leading competitors.

We migrate all existing Point or PointCentral data for our users, and we make sure they are up and running as soon as possible. Our average deployment, including data migration, takes only 72 business hours. 

focusIT Facts and Figures:

In 2019, focusIT has had a 90%+ close rate on customers that reach out to us about hosting

In 2019, focusIT lost less than 3% of their sales to a competitor

In 2019, focusIT maintained a less than 1% our fault attrition, meaning we lost less than 1% of our customers because they were dissatisfied with our services

Ready to use Hosted PointCentral?

What our clients are saying about Hosted PointCentral

“Brandon demonstrated such patience  knowledge in resolving the issue, long after I had given up, he got my system working!”

Sandra Johnson

“I’ve used Point for years and learned a few new things by listening in and am going to be able to simplify things for my processors with the template tricks [I learned on your customer training webinars].”

Jennifer Gudino