Spring is here and with the new season comes one thing many of us find therapeutic — Spring Cleaning.

Don’t relate? You’re not alone, comrade. A whole slew of people we’ve spoke with recently loathe this task (and don’t even know where to begin!) And we get it. That’s why today we’re diving into the 5 Spring Cleaning Tricks that will make this easier than saying, “Can I just hire someone, please?”

1. Out With The Old

Grab a few boxes from a local grocery store and label them with 3 different categories: Toss, Donate + Store. Then, put away items around your home accordingly. Start with somewhere naturally more cluttered, like your closet. If you haven’t worn something within’ the past 6 months, donate. Those old concert tickets that you’ve been meaning to put into a scrapbook but know you never will? Toss. Those home videos you need to convert into DVD’s but just not today? Put ‘em into storage! They’ll be safe and sound in their new home, without taking up more of your precious everyday space.

2. Know Your Floors

When your floors are properly cleaned, your whole house seems more put together. But did you know that no two floor types are created the same? And you have to clean accordingly! Thankfully, articles like this one, dive into how you can clean surfaces such as laminate, tile, carpet, hardwood and more. Give cleaning your flooring with this newfound knowledge a try + let us know what you think!

3. Ditch The Bathroom Mildew

We love doing things during our annual Spring Cleaning day that we normally wouldn’t focus on during our usual weekly cleaning — like tackling the bathroom mildew that appears places like on the ring surrounding the tub wall or in between the tile. Grab a sponge, mix some baking soda + put a little elbow grease into it.

4. Make Containers Your Friend

How long did it take to really find your Cheerios in the pantry this morning? This is easily one of our most discombobulated areas within’ the home, but we’ve recently found our secret weapon: Pantry containers that you can pick-up places like Walmart, Target or The Container Store. Make sure that every item has a destination and leave the morning (and afternoon…and evening…) pantry search in the past.

5. Get Outside

Springtime means patio weather is sneaking-up on us + what better way to prepare than getting outside and making sure our patio/front porch/yard is polished and ready for entertaining or a midday read in the sun at any given moment? Grab a broom, a good outdoor cleaner like Scott’s and clear those cobwebs that typically collect in crevices with a tool like this.

Do you have any pro Spring Cleaning tips? Let us know in the comments!