In the digital age, focusing your marketing message in writing is more important than ever, as more and more people are trying to do the same, and more potential clients grow ever more reluctant to wade through walls of promotional text.

The art, while becoming more subtle, has also become more refined, and as a result, trickier to master.

Enticing potential clients to pay attention in marketing letters is unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon, however, as the written word still has the potential to reach a wider audience than is afforded to any other medium.

How do you stand head and shoulders above the rest, then?

Follow these 8 tips and you’re much more likely to get yourself and your marketing letters on the right path.

  • Offer a free gift: A mortgage marketing letter, like any other promotional material, is often based around inciting the reader to complete a transaction with you. Nothing achieves this goal quite like offering something for free.
  • Offer rationale: You can’t just offer something for free and hope that that will do all of the work for you. You need to offer some reason/s for the reader to engage in your proposal. Reinforce their desire to fulfil their side of the bargain by promising a positive outcome.
  • Utilize positive reinforcement: All potential clients will respond well to positivity and compliments. Offer rewards, whether they be actual, or more symbolic gestures of recognition.
  • Pose a problem and propose to solve it: Most mortgage lenders are vying for potential clients’ attention by trying to solve problems encountered by the clients. Be explicit about how you intend to solve the clients’ problem.
  • Prove your worth: Part of the task of creating a successful mortgage marketing letter involves filling the reader with confidence. Being able to demonstrate your expertise with real evidence is a great way to successfully achieve this.
  • Express your value: Everyone loves finding a great deal – so, as a lender, you need to tell the reader that they will have done this by working with you, as opposed to working with anyone else.
  • Leave something unanswered, while simultaneously providing the reader with a means by which they can contact you. This will give them an itch to get in touch.
  • Be urgent: The more you stress urgency, the more likely a reader is to get in touch, because, as with everything else, the longer something is left, the less likely it is to get done.

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