Cloud-based mortgage loan servicing can benefit your business in a variety of ways.  Here are some of the perks of choosing cloud-based loan servicing over in-house servicing.

This option appeals to many mortgage lenders because it reduces overhead while also streamlining their existing infrastructure.

Cloud-based loan servicing is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst mortgage lenders.

#1 – Keeping Up With Changing Technology

Proactively making the change to cloud-based applications is recommended by many IT experts.  Software upgrades that will be released in the near future are designed specifically for use in the cloud, so there will be significant limitations to maintaining a local system.

In fact, the move toward cloud-based mortgage loan servicing is the end goal of much of the current research and development efforts.

As technology progresses, the demand on lenders to keep up with the times (in the form of upgrades to both hardware and software) continues to increase.

Quite simply, cloud-based loan servicing is the direction that technology is taking, and making the switch sooner rather than later will ease your operations.

#2 – Benefits of Choosing the Cloud

There are many advantages to cloud-based hosting CRM.  It is easier for software companies to license and release new products.

It is also an easier medium for making updates available for existing products.  Because of this level of ease and flexibility, software developers are now creating software that is designed exclusively for the cloud; in-house options are not being made available.

This is a bonus for many mortgage professionals, particularly those working for smaller companies, like credit unions.

It gives mortgage professionals easier access to new technologies and lessens the burden on the IT staff. There is a reduced need for frequent product upgrades.

Compliance issues are minimized, as well, because the responsibility for compliance in cloud-based servicing programs rests upon the vendor.

#3 – Solutions for Small Lenders

For many small lenders, it can be difficult to attract qualified personnel (and train and keep them) due to the demands of efficient mortgage servicing.

When you make to the move to cloud-based mortgage loan servicing, you remove much of the strain on your resources.

You don’t have to maintain so much equipment, and you don’t have to provide training upgrades for IT personnel.  Frequent updates to hardware have made it quite difficult to keep up, and also quite expensive to do so.

By switching to cloud-based CRM system, you are freed from that responsibility.  Instead, you can focus on providing excellent service to your customers.

#4 – Staying Ahead of the Competition

Cloud-based CRM service are the next step in technology.  Companies who make the transition to cloud-based services now will be on the cutting edge of this technology, setting them apart from the competition.

It shows your customers that you are current; you don’t want to appear to be the dinosaur in your industry

A cloud-based service also allows you to take advantage of multiple, integrated services, like loan origination system, sales, marketing, and production.

 #5 – Top of the Line Security Features

Cloud-based loan servicing systems employ the top of the line security features.  In-house systems may be outdated and more susceptible to security issues.

Smaller lenders tend to have less staff and may not have the resources necessary to make sure that their systems are secure and compliant.

Switching to cloud-based mortgage loan servicing provides significant advantages in terms of increased security.

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