The ambiguity of the current housing market has lenders on the edge of their seats as they ride out the lowest mortgage rates in years and prepare for what will eventually be a blowup in the market. Rates have continued to rise since July with September showing us the largest rates of the year. This is giving most lenders a bit of anxiety since the higher rates are paired with lower interest from possible home buyers. Instead of scrambling and getting nervous, it’s time for lenders to put more focus into their marketing strategy. Having a refreshed marketing platform helps a company to thrive in any industry climate.

Blogging & Social Media

These are such valuable tools that are often completely free to the mortgage and lending companies that are comfortable running their content marketing in house. Since the red hot finance sector is starting to cool off a bit it’s possible that there’s one or two resources in the office that are being underutilized. Find these employees and task them with building some blog posts tailored to their own specialties in the industry. Sourcing content in house can be a fabulous way to create educational content while also making employees feel that their opinions were respected.

Social media is another good way to use employees that are in slow periods at the office. Since everyone has their own personal social media pages they have a basic understanding of what goes into managing a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page. A social media takeover by the office manager or a couple of retweets from around the office may give new life to social and in turn build up a larger following for the lender.

Email Newsletters

An ethically acquired email database should never go ignored, and that is especially important advice in slower months for the finance industry. The email database might contain emails of potential home buyers or refinancers that have just been waiting for that last little push to make the plunge. A successful email newsletter should display content that is click worthy so that we can get the email recipient onto our webpage. With the right web content and educational information easily found; a website can convert visitors to sales.

The previous reference to blogs and social media will also help with this point since both can feature a call to action to sign up for email newsletters. Regular education blogs will entice people to sign up for announcements about new blog posts, in turn signing up for email newsletters. Social media sites that contain the perfect balance of lender created educational content and relevant news for potential homebuyers, refinancers and those in the age range(s) likely to take become the former or the latter could also ignite spontaneous growth for our email database.

These are two fantastic ways to boost our online presence in the mortgage and finance industries in a time when homebuyers are starting to pull back. Don’t panic when things start to thin out, just start putting in work where there was previously not time. The right marketing program will help us create consumer confidence at absolutely any time in the sector.