On March 16th, 2017, Calyx released PointCentral version 9.5. Last week our Customer Service Team posted to our website, sent notifications via our text service (FocusIT to 33222), and sent out an email to all Authorized Requestors letting them know about the update, and explain why customers do not need to worry about the time sensitive section of this update on our servers. A summary of this email is below:

Calyx states that the Calyx® Resolver Service SSL wildcard certificate was updated in PointCentral 9.5 and the current certificate expires April 9, 2017 – focusIT hosting customers do not need to be concerned about updating PointCentral prior to April 9th, 2017 as focusIT does not use the Calyx® Resolver Service SSL wildcard certificate.
CoreLogic Credco interface modifications are included in the latest Calyx release. If you are using Credco, these changes require updating of the Point client by March 31, 2017 to ensure continued access to Credco services. This update does not require that PointCentral be updated prior to March 31, 2017.

focusIT has been working with Calyx for several weeks to build the update and test the process for our servers, and once completed customers will be notified of the update schedule.

This month we wanted to speak with our Customer Service team to clarify some questions customers might have about this update, and any Calyx PointCentral Server Update moving forward!

What does this upgrade do?

Bob: The 9.5 service pack is important for anybody who is using CredCo. This is an upgrade that happens on the client side, that does not need to be updated on the server. This is something that only affects customers that are using CoreLogic CredCo. 

There are no critical time sensitive updates in the 9.5 PointCentral upgrade, so we want to make sure we take our time to test and make sure the update process is error free. 
Look for an email from our Customer Service (cs@focusitinc.com) team and visit our support page at http://support.focusitinc.com/ for updates regarding schedules and alerts.

Can you explain why focusIT upgrades typically occur upwards of 30 days after Calyx releases a new version of PointCentral?

FocusIT tests to ensure updates to servers are applied correctly. We have thousands of servers to upgrade so this process is carefully designed to be precise and efficient. Your business and server availability are critically important to us. Before approving an update schedule we will insure that our process has been thoroughly tested to minimize risk of unnecessary downtime and loss of productivity. It is not uncommon once an update is rolled out for an issue to arise prompting a “fix” to the update. By allowing a small period of time before rolling out an update to our entire customer base we reduce the risk of having to update all servers a second time should a technical error be discovered.

What is the normal process for the upgrade process?

As previously mentioned, we will design and test an update process to accurately apply the Calyx updates to thousands of servers accurately and efficiently. Testing provides us with valuable data allowing us to fine tune the process and insure that when the update is applied it works and productivity isn’t negatively impacted.

How long do you expect the upgrades to take once testing is complete?

Typically, an update takes about 10 business days to apply to all servers. Our automated system sends an email to all Authorized Requestors on the account alerting them of their scheduled date and time two different times. The first email is sent 7 days prior to the day scheduled for update and the second email will go out the day of the update. These are automated notices so be sure you check your junk email.

For updated information on this, and any other update: 

Status updates will be posted to our Support website at www.focusITinc.com/support and sent via our text messaging service.

To sign up for our text messaging alerts just text: focusIT to 33222

We have added a new “live chat” service to our support website. Initiating a chat session will connect you with a support technician who can answer your questions.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to update all servers over the next month.