Starting Monday, June 13th we will begin our automated upgrade of all PointCentral servers with the goal of having all servers completely upgraded to Calyx PointCentral version 9.3 by June 24th.

Be on the lookout for several automated emails that will be sent to the Authorized Requester(s) on the account with the date and time the upgrade will begin.  Remember, this is an automated process and once the server is scheduled we will be unable to reschedule to another day.

Upgrades will begin at 8 pm PDT.  

It’s important that all users save their data and log out of Point on the date the server is scheduled to be upgraded.  If you’ve already upgraded the Point client to 9.3 you won’t need to do anything more after PointCentral has been upgraded to version 9.3.  If still running Point version 9.2 SP11, push version 9.3 out from MyCalyx after you received the notification that your server was successfully upgraded.

The upgrade process will take several hours to complete.  We recommend not attempting to connect to the server until start of business the following morning.

If you have questions following the upgrade please contact our help desk at (480) 346-1299 option 1.  Don’t forget to check our System Status page at for important information related to system health and upgrades.