Maintaining positive client relationships is becoming more and more essential in the current mortgage and finance industry. As reported this Summer, employment in this field has grown in the years of booming home sales. Now all of these expanded agencies are wondering how to continue paying their employees by generating leads, but equal internal attention should be paid to client management. Having the right client management systems in place will ensure that those who work with our company leave feeling respected and satisfied.

Keep Clients Happy

First and foremost, treating clients with respect is crucial. There is a fine balance between educating new home buyers and making them feel overwhelmed and/or out of their element. Similarly, potential clients that are looking to refinance require a specific level of customer service. These interactions are crucial to acquiring word of mouth business, one of the most organic forms of marketing. Similarly, treating new home buyers well keeps our company in their minds if they ever want to refinance.

Prompt communication also falls under this category, it is imperative to be available in the touch and go industry of mortgage and finance. New home buyers tend to get nervous and have questions, being busy should not stop a lender from being available to field these anxious queries. A quick response in any business interaction has been shown to leave a lasting impact on clients, giving them a sense of security in the financial endeavor. Don’t put off answering calls or emails, it will serve the entire office better to deal with things as they come.

Find the Best CRM System
A loan operating system can be supercharged by the right client relationship management system. The right CRM would manage automated sales, loan production, and have some add ons like tools to aide in marketing efforts. A CRM can actually enhance client satisfaction by streamlining organization and integrating individual tools into one easy to use software.

Let’s be real though, we’re not all computer software experts and sometimes these systems can have a bit of a learning curve. Before purchasing any CRM we should be sure to research exactly what kind of customer support comes with the purchase of the system. From an included hands-on customer service team trained in the software to an always available online tech support; be sure to know exactly what kind of support comes with the CRM. Being properly trained in a piece of technology is the only way to get the most out of the coding in the software.

Keeping a firm grasp on the client relationships in our office is one of the best ways to build a positive reputation in our community. A solid respect for customer service in the office paired with a client relationship management system can become gold in a fluctuating market as unsteady as the American finance sector post election. Dialing in the standard operating procedure for building client relationships can make a mortgage and lending company succeed in any financial climate.