As a new section to our blogs and monthly webinars focusIT wanted to start having monthly interviews with different departments to update our customer on where we are at with our products, and where we hope to go in the upcoming months. Our first interview this month was with the head of our Customer Service and Support team, Bob Anderson.

Many of you have probably worked with Bob in some capacity in the past, and his number 1 priority truly is our customers and their satisfaction. This blog will give you an insight on where we are and where we want to be.

Below is a summary of the questions Bob and I discussed.
What is the overall wait time for support calls?
Average time to complete a call: 22 minutes
Total support tickets: 117 tickets, only 26 escalated to level 2
The support teams goal is to get all calls answered and resolved in less than 30 min, and this is happening 90% of the time. We are working on reducing that time with the goal of getting to 100%.
How many support calls are resolved within the first call?
Only 22% of our calls had to be escalated to our level 2 team. That means most customers have an issue that can quickly be resolved for them. 
Are both of those in line with the industry norm?
Compared to feedback we get from customers about other support teams they deal with, we are much faster! Those companies tend to have long wait times to speak with a support technician; sometimes an hour or more of wait times have been reported. Often times it takes more than 1 call for them to resolve their issues. 
Overall, what is customers feedback when working with our support team?
The overall input is our have really high satisfaction. Everybody loves working with Brandon! He puts them at ease when they have a larger issue to deal with. Our team has done a great job at training our Level 1 team, which allows our customers helpful support immediately, and reduces the amount of calls being escalating to Brandon. We actually require our Level 1 techs to pass and complete training on these issues before they can begin taking our calls. We also watch the que to see if they have been on a call for more than 30 minutes; if that happens a Level 2 will jump in to make sure things get resolved as soon as possible. Tyler fields most the L1 calls and also has a high satisfaction rate with clients.

Is there something our users could start doing that would reduce their support issues?

Understanding their system a bit better would be helpful. Most are well trained and the biggest issue is they don’t really know the difference between what is a Calyx related issue and a focusIT related issue. To clarify things a bit, we resolve issues that have to do with connectivity of the application or loss of a file, but if you are having a problem in the Point application they need to go to Calyx. Although we want to keep our customers happy, and can do some app support, there are some things we cannot do that they will have to go to application provider to resolve.
If there was one piece of advice you could give users when contacting the support or customer service team what would that be?
Be patient and cooperative with the support team. Knowing what your support problem is, and being able to explain it, will help the support team resolve the issue quickly. It is also important to make sure you give them good contact information. It will help us create the support case quickly and ultimately result in a faster response and resolution time!

I will include links to the support site, twitter, our alerts page and text alerts. Is there anything else our customers should be aware of?
I think it would be great to let people know when we update to Point 9.5 there will be an intercept message when they call in to support, and if they want info related to that they can call support and press 5. We will also be posting information about upcoming on this on our website, and sending emails to customers before their update so that they are aware when they can expect their upgrade to take place.

Contact Support: 480-346-1299 option 1
Support Site:
Text Alerts: Text: FOCUSIT to 33222
Twitter: @focusITSupport