As you prepare to make the switch to cloud-based services, you may have some questions.  Here are some of the questions that we commonly encounter complete with answers and explanations.

Q:  Will my data be safe with you? 

A:  Absolutely.  We understand that you are turning over the sensitive financial information of your clients to us, and that requires a lot of faith and trust in us.  We know that a breach of that security could be disastrous.  You can rest assured that your data is safe with us. 

Q:  Will your services replace my IT department? 

A:  No.  We do not replace your IT department, but we will reduce the workload on your IT department.  We will work with your IT department to give your company the support that it needs.

Q:  If I have a problem, who should I call? If an issue comes up who should be contacted? Is it the software vendor – our IT department – or the hosting company?

A:  We will work with you to develop a plan of action identifying who you should call when a problem arises, whether that be the software vendor, the IT department, or the hosting company.  Your calls for tech support will typically begin with us, your hosting company.  We can help you determine the source of the problem and contact the appropriate source to resolve the issue.

Q: How much do hosting services cost?

A:  Our hosting services are very affordable.  We are the largest Calyx PointCentral hosting company in the country, and we partner with SunGuard and Amazon data centers to provide a completely redundant and highly available infrastructure.  This solution offers additional savings, as well, since you don’t have to pay for hardware, the software to run the hardware environment, office space for a data center, staff to operate the data center, and IT support staff for the servicing platform.  You will see a significant savings over operating the system in-house.

If you were to go with an in-house hosting system, you would need to add extra IT staff to manage the software.

In particular, you would need an experienced staffer who is familiar with mortgage software and capable of running last minute reports, managing updates, and training support staff. 

You would also need to budget for buying and updating hardware and software licenses for your hosting environment, as well as handling compliance with the stringent requirements of updates, addressing recovery and back-up, and taking support requests from staff.

Hosted CRM services are booming in popularity, and as you progress with new technology, you will need to rely on an experienced hosting team to support you in this endeavor. 

You can learn more about hosting services for cloud computing by contacting FocusIT Inc.  We offer Hosted Calyx PointCentral, Pulse, and Hosted Exchange. 

We will install PointCentral for you, copy your data to the server, and connect your workstations so that you have all the patches, backups, and updates you need at every station. 

Our Pulse system enhances loan-origination systems and integrates tightly with Calyx PointCentral.  Together, these operations are completely web-based. 

We also partner with Intermedia to allow you to supercharge your email.  Ultimately, you have a turnkey solution with fully redundant data centers and automatic triple data protection.

Contact FocusIT Inc. today to learn more about our hosting services for cloud-based mortgage servicing!