1. Log into Pulse
2. Click on Setting
3. Click on Workflow
4. Click on the workflow you wish to update 

5. Select the Stage you want to either add, modify or delete the task from and click on the number under the Tasks column 
6. Click on Create, Update or Delete a task 
7. When creating a New Task these fields are needed: Task Name, Sequence, select a field to calculate off of, a Default Owner of the Task – For the sample below the Task Name is “Complete 1003 – Enter Borrower(s) info in Point”, Sequence is 1 (This is the order in which they appear on the list), Calculated field for Due Date is “Days due After Creation Date” which is set to one day after the file was created and imported into Pulse, and Default Owner can be any one of the 6 users available within the Point file under the Track Branch/Team screen. 

8. Click on Save

9. Click on Save again     
10. Click on Save one last time and your done