These steps are as follows:

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click on Branches

  3. Click on Add Point Folder at the bottom of the screen under the General Tab

  4. Click the boxes to the left of each folder you want to add and click on the ADD button at the button of the screen

  5. Next, click the down arrow next to each new folder added and select the type of Loans that are stored in the folder

  6. Then click on Save and OK

  7. Next, click the box next to the folders you add and click on the ENABLE button at the top of the box

  8. Click on Save and OK again

  9. Make sure that all folders show Yes under Enabled

  10. Click on the Point Folder List button under the menu on the left

  11. You will see all your folders and you should see the new folders showing True under Enabled

  12. Pulse and Point sync every 15 minutes automatically behind the scenes and you will need to come back later to verify the sync worked. If it did you will see a date and time under Last Important and a number under the Count column