How to create a rule that governs an email:

1. From the Home page, click on Settings (top menu bar) and Rules (left-hand menu bar)

2. From the Rules List screen click on Create

3. As you can see from the sample below, the following fields need to be completed and or checked:

a. In the sample the Rule Name is “Loan Status: Application Completed” which is repeated under the Description name box. 

b. The check box is checked to “Enabled” the Rule.  
c. You always want to set the Scope to “Company”. 
d. Under Target you need to select which types of loans you want to Target. “Active Loans (Current Pipeline), Active Leads, Archived Loans (Closed and Funded), and Archived Leads (Cancelled and Denied). 
e. Select what email you want sent out under Email Template #2
f. Then add the Condition which will determine when the email is sent. In this sample this email is sent when the Application date in Point is filled in with today’s date. 
g. Save and you’re done.