You know your clients and customers want more.

You know you have to give them a little something extra.

You want to give them more + show them just how appreciated they are.

But how?

It’s a question we get asked often and today we’re diving into how you can create content your customers will love + give the kind of value that will knock their socks off.

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

1. Put Yourself In Their Shoes

If you weren’t a mortgage pro who knows the ins + outs of the industry, what questions might you have surrounding the loan and home buying process? What issues would you want to know how to resolve? What parts of the purchase timeline would seem blurry?

Then, create content around those questions.

Still stuck? Ask them!

Take to social media or IRL connections + ask what common questions are and how you can help better serve your people.

More often than not, they’re more than happy to donate an idea or two!

2. Use Digestible Lingo

Sure, words like addendum + amortization might be commonplace in our world, but it’s vital to keep in mind that the everyday home buyer won’t be all too familiar with mortgage terms — and we shouldn’t expect them to be!

Keep this in mind when writing any type of marketing content whether it be an upcoming email campaign, a flyer or even a Facebook post.

3. Make It Consistent

How often have you heard that consistency is key? Well, the people aren’t lying! Your followers desire consistency. They like to know that on Monday’s they can expect an email from insert your company here and every month a blog

4. Let Your Personality Shine Through

Everybody has characteristics that their clients love them for — make sure yours is shining through in your marketing materials. Are you known for being super easy to talk to? Don’t alter your voice too much for written content! Do people love you for how easy you make everything? Create seamless marketing materials with easy-to-follow graphics. Tribe loving how you make the home buying process seem speedier than a Maserati? Showcase that!

You have a lot to be proud of just by being you — flaunt it!

5. Make It Personal

Lastly (and maybe most importantly): Make It Personal.

People love to know they’re talking to other people…not just robots typing away from behind a computer screen all day. Again, let your personality shine through + use things like emojis to make pieces like email subject lines + Facebook posts seem more relatable — a recent Experian study even found that 56% of brands that used emojis in their subject lines had a higher unique open rate! So red heart your way to the top.


So there you go, get to creating + go forth and conquer! Questions about your marketing plan? Pop ‘em in the comments and let’s chat!

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