Batch import multiple Fannie Mae files at once. Autofilenaming must be enabled

Enable Auto Filenaming

  1. Log into the PointCentral Administration website.

  2. Go to Data Folders > List Data Folders.

  3. Click Edit next to the folder to which you want enable auto file naming to import the FNMA 3.2 files into.

  4. Check the Box next to either Prospect or Borrower depending on which side your importing your files into

  5. Click on Update to save the changes

  6. Log out of Point and back in again before starting the import

Create an import template to batch import the Fannie Mae format files

  1. Open Point

  2. Click on the Data folder you want to import the files into

  3. Then from the left navigation panel, click the Templates tab.

  4. Select Data Import.

  5. Click New.

  6. Select Fannie Mae 3.2 from the Import Format: dropdown box.

  7. Click Batch Import

  8. Enter the path where the Fannie Mae files exist, and the extension of the files being imported. The path should end with a backslash *.extension, For example: (The extension of a Fannie Mae format file varies depending on which application you exported them from.) 

    1. C:\FANNIE*.FNM

    2. C:\FANNIE*.DAT

    3. C:\FANNIE*.1003

  9. Select Prospect or Borrower.

  10. Click Start Import.