It has been shown that 93% of business acquisitions start with a search engine which fuels an ever expanding digital marketing industry. With an intricate marketing platform that utilizes blog & online content, email marketing, social media, and a responsive website; a company can naturally place in the top spots on Google and other search engines. For those that are looking for some ROI in their marketing program immediately, a pay-per-click advertising plan will be more ideal than an organic SEO campaign. Google Adwords helps every type of business buy their place at the top of the search results for local and national keywords and is especially handy when it comes to mobile and tablet users.

Mortgage and loan officers can use this type of advertising to ensure year round leads even when the market isn’t showing a fruitful quarter on the horizon. The problem for most mortgage companies when attempting to start a pay-per-click ad campaign is knowing where to start. Before even beginning a PPC campaign make sure of two things. First make a ‘click to call’ button clear so that a mobile browser can easily call the office with one click of a button. The other thing to do is optimize all landing pages for mobile use. There are some easy tips and tricks that will ensure some valuable lead generation from a instituting a PPC marketing program that we’ve laid out here.

Identifying the Objective

Before putting money into a pay-per-click program it’s necessary to identify the program objective. Are we after web traffic? Or perhaps we’re looking for newsletter subscriptions or product sales. In the mortgage industry we are generally looking for leads but newsletter subscriptions are equally as beneficial in the lending world because they can be used to cultivate leads in future marketing pushes. Once we identify what our objective is be honest about these intentions in the copy.

Choosing Optimized Keywords

Keyword optimization is all about polishing the customer experience on both search engines and for our mortgage business. Keywords are words or short phrases that potential clients will use in a search engine to find specific results. Research pays off when choosing keywords to optimize in a pay-per-click program. Keywords can be separated into four types: brand terms, generic terms, related terms, and competitor terms. Starting with broader keywords and then refining them down to more specific terms is the best way to put ourselves into the target clients shoes. Adding negative keywords is also extremely important because it will cut out irrelevant search results for our paid marketing efforts and in turn save money.

Local Ads Pay Off

While brainstorming keywords keep in mind that local advertising really pays off in a mobile pay-per-click marketing push. For small businesses, which many mortgage companies are, it isn’t necessary to advertise nationally and doing so with a pay-per-click program may waste valuable cash. Locally optimizing keywords by using the name of our city, town, or state will also cut down on unnecessary competition with national chains. And last but certainly not least clicks and conversions will increase when a small business re-targets towards a local audience.

Using these tips it’s possible that a PPC marketing platform can help a mortgage business survive an off season. Running a pay-per-click campaign can be fortuitous with the right strategy and for loan officers the strategy should be aimed at local mobile users for the best results.