The primary function of any business is to earn a profit. That alone is the reason you get up every morning, drive to the office and put in a hard day’s work. All the headaches, fires to be put out, snags, underwriting setbacks, changing guidelines, ego driven loan officers and capricious borrowers are enough to drive any sane human being out of their mind. If not for the profit margin that keeps food on the table and a roof over you and your family’s head, the mortgage industry would not be worth the stress.

So why not maximize the good while minimizing the bad? If you are going to be putting in the herculean effort to keep the wheels turning then you should be earning the maximum possible return for your energies.

This is where outsourcing your Calyx® PointCentral™ infrastructure to an expert company factors into the equation. In order to install, maintain, protect and run your PointCentral system in-house you need to invest a great deal of resources. The solution requires a robust hardware infrastructure that includes computers, servers, routers, and a solid backup in order to properly run. These components consume valuable upfront capital, running into the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size of your operation.

In addition, you also need to the Microsoft and other non-Calyx software make all the hardware run (not to mention the expertise to install and properly maintain the systems). If you do not have these skills, which most people don’t, then you must either hire a new staff member or pay for a contractor to setup and administer the system.

You must also keep your system secure as it contains extremely sensitive information on all of your clients’ financial information. This, too, requires additional hardware, software and expertise to properly administer to it all.

Why go through the hassle and expense to do all of the setup and maintenance yourself?

By outsourcing all of this you eliminate the upfront capital investment needed to set the system up yourself. You can rest easy, secure in the knowledge that your PointCentral system is being expertly run and maintained for a fraction of the cost it would take to do it yourself. This allows you to maximize your profit and take the time to enjoy what you are best at with less stress in what is already an incredibly stressful industry.