Marketing Tips for Mortgage Companies

Developing an effective marketing campaign can be tricky.  In order to create a marketing strategy that is effective, you must be well-prepared and professional.  You also need to avoid making these common mistakes.

Don’t expect instant results

If you send out marketing materials and expect an overwhelming influx of phone calls within days, you will be disappointed. 

Much of sales depends on timing, particularly in the mortgage origination business.  You have to catch clients at the right time, when they are ready to make a major financial decision, like refinancing or buying a new home. 

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see instant results.  The mere fact that you have gotten their attention with your marketing materials is good news; when they are ready to refinance or purchase a home, your name will be fresh in their minds. 

Research shows that it takes seven impressions for a marketing campaign to make an impact, so be persistent.  Stick with your campaign, and it will pay off in time.

Target your message to your client

Don’t create a marketing campaign that is based on telling the world how wonderful you are.  Instead, focus on telling clients what you can do for them. 

As much as possible, target your message specifically to each prospective client.  If you are marketing to a prior borrower, focus on how they could use a home equity loan to help complete home renovations. 

If you are marketing to a realtor, focus on the wide array of loan programs that you can provide to their clients. 

Emphasize the thing that sets you apart

There are tons of loan originators out there all competing for a small group of buyers.  What will make those buyers choose you over the other guys? 

You have to find the thing that makes you different from the rest of the crowd, and preach it to all those potential customers. 

Those prospective buyers need a reason to choose you over the competition.  You can get them a loan?  So can everyone else. 

Find the thing that you can do that everyone else can’t.  Do you actually offer more loan programs than the other guys?  Is your program more user friendly than the rest? Do you have the best, friendliest customer service out there?

Show them why you are the best choice

These tips will help you to develop an effective marketing campaign.  Be patient with your efforts; remember that you must catch potential clients at the right time. 

If you don’t get a response to your campaign immediately, don’t worry.  You are likely to see results over time as buyers get ready to refinance their home or purchase a new home. 

Use a specific message to target individual types of clients.  Show prospective clients what you can do for them rather than issuing a generic statement about your loan origination business. 

Finally, focus on whatever service or attribute sets you apart from the competition.  Make it clear to your potential clients that you can offer them something that no one else can offer.

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