How do you stay one step ahead of the competition in the “information age?” Nurture leads!

FocusIT is happy to announce Pulse Marketing, a lead nurturing workflow solution for the digital age!

What is Pulse Marketing?

Pulse Marketing is the digital age workflow solution the mortgage industry has been waiting for. It allows users to fully automate client communications, while simultaneously nurturing leads and potential future clients.

How does it work?

Pulse Marketing allows for full customization and integration within PointCentral. Users will not only be able to draft their own communication rules, they will have the ability to fully automate client communications. Communications can now be scheduled in advance to automatically send at different time intervals, and without the need to directly engage Loan Officers.

The “when, where, and how” of client / lead communication is now part of an easy to use, and streamlined, workflow solution. In addition, leads can be divided into separate lists and nurtured based on their unique characteristics and needs. This ensures “right time, right customer” targeting.

Service features…

Pulse Marketing offers a multitude of service features that can help users distinguish themselves from the competition. These features include:

    • Customizable communication rules


    • Target market / lead segmentation


    • Build custom workflows to respond to unique client actions


    • Understand leads via full activity statistic reports


    • Customer friendly “opt-out” solutions


    • Custom email templates


    • Custom alerts

Are you ready for the digital age answer to client communication? Click here to learn more!