We have been very busy behind the scenes here at focusIT to get Pulse ready for 2017. A lot of the changes were made behind the scenes but not all of them, below is a list of the changes coming out in Pulse 4.0 early next year!

Speed: We have improved the loading of the Pipeline views and response time
Layout of Tabs: We have streamlined the tab layout to shorten the number of required clicks to get to where you need to go
Leads and Loans view: Pulse now allows the user to define their view from the pipeline screen selecting from over 5,000 Point fields and saving those views to be retrieved when needed. You can select up to 30 columns and have no limit on the number of views saved. So why not create one for Conv, FHA and VA or one for Purchase and Refinance. The choices are unlimited. 
Advanced Filter: We have also made changes to the Advanced Filter allowing you to filter on any of these 5,000 Point Fields.
Page Size: You can now choose from 100, 500 or even a 1,000 rolls to display at one time
Pulse Marketing: From the Pipeline view you can now select multiple files to be added to a campaign at one time. 
•Download: Once you have selected a view and filter to meet your needs you can now download those results to an Excel Spreadsheet. From there you can continue to work with the Data, print it or email it to someone.

•Columns: Each column now allows you to sort by clicking on the column heading

Client View: This new pipeline view provides the same features as found on the Leads and Loans pipeline view, but combines both Leads and Loans into one view on this screen. This will allow our clients to generate reports to track their pull through rate, Pipeline activity, and production.
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