Many mortgage lenders are reluctant to give their marketing strategies an adequate overhaul because they mistakenly believe that it is a long and arduous process that isn’t quite worth its potential gain.

In fact, the opposite is true: marketing strategy overhauls can be hard work, but there are a few, simple changes you can make that can be implemented as part of business policy from today with little effort.

Furthermore, marketing efforts are never wasted, being, as they are, an integral part of any business’ fundamental processes. Here are three ways to polish your marketing strategies and make sure you’re moving with the times.

Focus plenty of time and energy on your company website

If there’s one thing that will really make the biggest difference to any mortgage business, it’s making sure the website is a cut above the rest.

Few people seek out mortgage services via print media resources anymore, and online content will catch a broad cross section of appropriate potential customers.

Nobody wants to struggle through walls of impenetrable text, but they want fast access to all the information they’re likely to need in order to assess whether you can offer what they’re looking for.

The best websites are those that are informative, intuitive and user-friendly, and succinct. Make sure your contact details are all clearly visible, ideally on all pages across the site.


This sounds like a cripplingly obvious piece of advice, but networking is a neglected marketing tool these days, due in no small part to the fact that many people think of it as a passive endeavor – it happens to you when you happen to be in the right situation for it.

Whether or not this is true, you should be making a proactive effort to put yourself in those sorts of situations.

Networking events hosted by home expos, builders, contractors, and gatherings sponsored by the Federal Housing Administration are all likely to attract those looking to buy a home, so make sure you’re there to help them out!

Pay particular attention to your customer service

Excellent customer service will give a real edge to your business. It can create customer loyalty, word of mouth promotion, repeat clients, and it can bring you entirely new prospects.

Excellent customer service is difficult to fake: unless you have a genuine desire to adapt to the needs of your customers, fulfil their requests and keep them happy, you’re unlikely to convince them that you want those things.

Work on your business’ adaptability, and your customers’ ability to access you, should they need to.

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