Some industries think that endeavors like email marketing and social media are beyond their reach for relevant ROI, but this isn’t the case. Email marketing is specifically necessary to solidify a brand in any market. Some are worried that the long time highs in the lending industry may be coming to a drop off, that makes it the perfect time for lenders to invest in a new arena of client generation. Email marketing may just be that next step to ensure a thriving business despite the industry climate. 

5. Extraordinary Depth & Reach
On the Internet today there are 3.2 billion email accounts between 95% of online consumers. If this isn’t a monstrous enough number to convince us that email is a viable pool of potential clients, 91% of these email users check their email at least once per day. While social media platforms often show the same large numbers, there are benefits to email marketing that just aren’t as solid with social media marketing.

On social, it is possible that 74% of posts go unseen by the target demographic while with email marketing the recipient will receive the message, they then have the option whether or not to open it. For mortgage and lending companies the email list will be filled with those that have interest in the market, provided that there is valuable information in the message it’s probable that the email will be opened. 

4. Fortify One on One Engagement
To ensure that one on one engagements can even be created make sure that the email sending out marketing messages isn’t a no reply address. This is especially important for small businesses like those in the mortgage and finance sector. In this industry a lot of interested parties are looking for a lender with good advice that will guide them into the right choices, the right email campaign can be the catalyst that makes this potential client finally reach out. 
3. Preferred Medium for Promotional Content
A study with Blue Kangaroo showed that 77% of consumers prefer to receive online promotional content via email as opposed to social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. While on 4% of Facebook users and 0% of LinkedIn users like to see ad content, it’s a good idea to take note and send most promos via email message. This rings especially true for lenders, make sure to keep social media educational, relational, and friendly. 

2. Return on Investment

More than half of marketers polled in 2013 showed a return on investment from email marketing and over half of those that aren’t yet seeing results thought that they would soon. For every dollar spent on email marketing the business saw $44.25 as the average return on their investment. These kinds of numbers can’t be ignored and every industry should take notice, email marketing is an effective way to create new clients, even in a dying market.

1. The Power of Personalization
Something that email marketing can accomplish that is almost impossible on every other marketing platform is the ability to create a personalized message sent to a massive base of potential consumers. This is crucial for new and solidified brands reaching both mobile and browser users. In the message be friendly, treat the newsletter like the brand’s own personal monthly or bi-monthly magazine. This will inspire click throughs and hopefully replies from the message recipients one day.