As many of you know, focusIT is a company that hosts PointCentral for over 16,000 end users, but focusIT does much more than that. As a company in such a regulated industry, focusIT wanted to be able to provide customers not only with a safe place to store their PointCentral data, but a safe place to conduct almost all of their customer’s business needs!

This blog post will summarize the other service focusIT can provide to its customers on top of their PointCentral hosting.

Pulse CRM

Pulse is a system that the focusIT team has developed to meet many of their customer’s lead and loan management needs. Needs that cannot be met inside their loan origination system on its own. Needs that we know our customers have and wished they had a solution for.

Pulse is fully integrated with PointCentral which opens the door to having up to date information in both systems, at the same time, without the customer having to do a single thing. That’s right! With Pulse you will NEVER have to double enter borrower information, and everything will be up to date without a single bit of effort on your end!

The systems automatically allowing customer to automate emails, task reminders, and work flow processes! Stop wasting your time checking an excel sheet, your work calendar, and the notes in PointCentral to know where your loans are. Let Pulse automate emails, alerts and reminders, while staying on top of those things for you!

To learn more about Pulse sign up for our weekly demo here, or reach out our sales team at 480-624-7088 or You can also watch our short video.


SecureShare allows individuals to not only securely store their own internal data, but it allows them to securely receive their borrower’s data.SecureShare looks and acts just like a normal folder on your computer, but it is different in one key way. Instead of the documents being stored on your local computer, they are actually being stored directly on our server “in the cloud.” This will also allow processors to check for the data they need without having to bother the loan officer as they can be granted access to the folders as well.

The best part of the system is that your borrowers will be able to directly upload documents to SecureShare with an easy to use and secure form, without fear that their sensitive data might be compromised. On top of that, they do not need to create and remember a username or password. They simply enter their basic information when uploading the documents, and SecureShare does the rest!

To learn more about SecureShare you can reach out our sales team at 480-624-7088 or You can also watch our short video.

Secure Email

With so many industry changes happening over the past couple of years, and with more changes and additional regulations on the horizon, focusIT has offered customers a way to securely communication with their borrowers via email. With so many regulations in place to protect the borrower, this allows you to do so before it is required.

Secure Email is an Exchange account with archiving and encryption enabled. What this means is that you can quickly and easily email your customers a secure email, and they can quickly respond back to you without worry that the information might be stolen. Your data is also archived so that if you ever delete an important bit of information, or are audited and need to have proof of something, you can contact our support team and they can help you out.

To learn more about Secure Email you can reach out our sales team at 480-624-7088 or