By now, we know that email correspondence is a must in the business world. With 4.1 billion email users expected by 2021, it’s a non-negotiable that many people in the mortgage industry seem to be avoiding — “Do we really have to send those?”

And the answer is “yes” if you’d like to thrive in a market that grows increasingly more offline everyday.

The good news is that there are ways to make it easier, so you don’t have to scramble when that your calendar reminder pops-up the next time around!


Here are our Top 3 tips for a successful email newsletter.


1. Be Consistent

Consistency is key + your people want to know that they can expect an email from you on a regular basis. The key is not to overdo it as 74% of consumers unsubscribe from brands that send too many emails!

We recommend once a week or a monthly newsletter to keep people in-the-know, sent at the same time each go around.

For instance, every Monday at 8am EST or the first Tuesday of every month.

2. Less Is More

With an attention span of only a few seconds, it’s important to remember that less is more!

Gone are the days of lengthy narratives + in are the days of a quick glance and visual content.

Include buttons that stick out — “Sign-Up Here!” “Buy Now!” “Learn More!” —, graphs to breakdown processes + even a short video recording for people who’d like a little additional info.

3. O is for Optimization

Did you know that 67% of emails today are read on a smartphone or tablet? And from what we can see, that number is only increasing!

In order to obtain the best results, we highly recommending optimizing your email newsletters with a responsive design.

Designers can do this relatively inexpensively (or if you know HTML this is your time to shine) + the payoff can be big.

Still don’t want to pay much attention to your email marketing? We get it. That’s why we have Pulse — sending automated emails (+ including customer status alerts!) for you on the regular.

You can schedule a demo at a time that works best for you to learn more about it, here or see some of the emails we offer to our clients by clicking on over here.

Tell us: What questions do you have around email marketing? How can we help?