Mortgage rates are still at an all time low and the industry has reported the largest employee growth in almost a year. But if a lender isn’t taking full advantage of their marketing strategy then there is still major room for growth in profit margins. Taking a comprehensive look at our marketing strategy is crucial to success in the exceedingly saturated market of mortgage lenders.

Content, Content, Content

Aside from having a website presence it’s important to create content that is educational and adds value to the industry. In the marketing world content (also called copy) is basically anything made from words that promotes the brand. Advertising, press releases, information on a website and blogs are all encompassed under the term content marketing.

When creating content for a mortgage and lending company try to focus on education over the hard sale. The goal with content marketing is not to convert to sales directly but instead the content is meant to educate the web visitor. This educational strategy will build trust with the web visitor that will surely convert to sales.  Just remember when blogging, tweeting or creating copy for a website nobody wants a hard sale they want to learn something.

Don’t Neglect the Email List

Lots of companies have gathered emails from web subscribers, clients and other resources but these email addresses are just sitting there unused, a wasted resource. After crafting blog content and press releases a brand has created natural fodder for an email newsletter. Begin sending out email newsletters monthly or even bi-weekly to establish a voice with existing email subscribers. This will help to spread the word about the brand and create repeat clientele.

For mortgage and lending companies this educational content should be mixed with relevant news for the sector to acquire the most click throughs from email newsletters to the website. Potential lendees are looking to see that a brand is up to date on recent information regarding the industry and also learn something new about mortgages, real estate or other relevant industries. Follow these guidelines and soon see email newsletters translate into new loans or refinancing as the newsletter recipient builds trust in the brand.

Stay Social

Social media platforms a free and effective way to market a brand and establish a community around a product or service. A brand can access a huge market of almost every type on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Social media marketing is a must for any business expecting results from their web presence, even those in the lending industry. In fact, social media is a fantastic way to gain brand recognition while creating a fertile spot to post blogs that link back to the brand’s webpage.

Mortgage industry social pages need to only focus on being educational, try to keep the content void of the hard pitch. Share relevant news, blog posts and silly memes that are somewhat related to lending. If there is content, they will come. And once the followers arrive the social page can start converting them into clients.