This year Housing Wire honored 43 women who have risen to the top of the game in mortgage at the Women of Influence banquet. With about 75% of the mortgage industry being made up of men, these awards are imperative in shining a light on the often overlooked women who have made strides in the financial and mortgage industries.

As a bystander at an event of this magnitude one can’t help but wonder how to be considered an elite in the industry. The obvious first step to ensure respect in a male driven industry is to be great at what you do. With experience, determination and a willingness to learn it is possible for anyone to become a top influencer in their industry, for women in mortgage there are a couple of learning tools that will come in handy.

Mortgage Women Magazine

A free subscription to this magazine includes loads of content that any aged woman in mortgage will appreciate. Oftentimes women in a male saturated industry can feel that they must question their values to rise up in the business, but that isn’t the case. MW Magazine is a fantastic landing point for women who are itching for another woman’s point of view and a great learning tool for the entry level finance employee.

Aside from the usual editorials, profiles and advice columns the magazine also provides links to other great finance resources. For those women looking to jump into mortgage & finance for the first time the online magazine features a career center that connects those looking for work to those hiring in the industry. Subscribing to this magazine will not only be a place to hear a similar point of view but it will also be a valuable tool in learning the ins and outs of the mortgage business.

National Association of Professional Mortgage Women

Becoming familiar with the industry and learning to perfect the craft is crucial to success, but after those stages are accomplished it’s time to get to know some fellow professional ladies of mortgage. NAPMW is on a mission to create a community of mortgage professionals, that just happen to be mostly women, in hopes of building their business and leadership skills while connecting them with one another. The organization requires membership fees that then gain us access to online education and test prep courses as well as an entire resource library and some other amazing educational tools.

Every couple of weeks there is a NAPMW event hosted somewhere around the country and membership grants us discounted tickets to every single one. Learn about recent public policy that may affect the industry or just go to a wine mixer and meet fellow female mortgage pioneers. Learn more at the live chats or webinars about how to enjoy the sometimes painstaking work that goes into the job. All of these events are included in membership and any woman looking to be influential will appreciate the ability to continue their mortgage education on their own time.

These are but two resources that can help any woman, young or old, excel in their current position in mortgage. HousingWire has shone a light onto these hard working females for good reason, because women are becoming equals in this business world that was previously ruled prominently by men.