FocusIT is always working on making Pulse a bigger and better system for Mortgage Professionals. We released Pulse 4.0 earlier this year and are receiving rave reviews from both current users of Pulse and interested individuals who attend our weekly demo. We have decided to offer Pulse Pipeline to one PointCentral user on each account for additional cost! This single user license allows unrestricted access to create, filter, save, and download reports in real-time! It is a great tool for managers, loan officers and processors!


In a recent interview our head of Pulse support and implementations, Pam Padley, had some very insightful feedback and comments about Pulse Pipeline. Below is a summary of that conversation.

The new Pulse Pipeline was updated with the most recent Pulse 4.0 release. The Sales Team has heard a lot of positive feedback so far from demo attendees! How has the feedback been from Existing Pulse Customers?

Pam: Customers love Pulse Pipeline because it eliminates the needs to track loans on an Excel spreadsheet! They also love that they now have accurate data for generating reporting in real-time, and that they can set their columns and filters to their own preferences, and see the results on screen instantaneously. They don’t need to run a report in Point and then go back to keep making changes until they get the correct results. They also love how Pulse Pipeline lets them work THEIR way. They can set up pipeline views exactly the way they like and it’s at an individual user level, most other systems are restricted at a company level.

What is your favorite feature of Pulse Pipeline?

I really like the customization of the column and filter selections. When I used to be a processor, I didn’t like that I always had to use a spreadsheet to stay on top of my loans. I would spend tons of time updating Excel and my information would still end up being inaccurate. When you have to maintain data in multiple locations there is no way it can be accurate and this drives you crazy. Pulse Pipeline would have helped me do that quickly, easily, and most importantly, ACCURATELY.

For a customer interested in Pulse Pipeline, how quick is the set up?

Nothing is needed on their end. For new customers, we can set it up at the same time as their initial deployment. For existing PointCentral hosted accounts, we can have it up and running within 48 hours.

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