Each year focusIT introduces new updates and features to Pulse, and 2017 is no different! In fact, this will be our first year releasing two major versions. In February we released Pulse Version 4 which provides a brand new, easy to use, Dashboard.

Pulse v5 builds on what our team started with the v4 Dashboard, and delivers on our long time promise for better origination tools. Josh Bopp, the President of focusIT, has offered a glimpse of what will be released over the next couple of months!

Easily to Navigate New Look:

Above will be the new Pulse homepage. As you can see everything is updated, easy to see, and MUCH easier to navigate. The best part is, you are brought straight to your Pipeline as soon as you open the system!

Users will be able to save different Pipeline Views, and also pin them to the top of the page. And the best part, you don’t ever have to leave your Pipeline View, you can edit, update, and manage everything from the same page.

Easily Identify and Categorize Leads and Loans:

Customers have let our development team know that they are looking for a system to replace their Email Calendars, Spreadsheets, and Notepads. With the ability to create different flags and stages, users are able to quickly organize their information in one place! These color-coded categories allow you to segment your data much like you would in those systems. The best part is all of this can be managed in one place on one screen! 

Easily Stay on Top of Alerts, Tasks, and Activities:
Many mortgage industry professionals know that staying on top of your tasks is crucial to closing loans, and a successfully satisfied customer base. The problem many people have is HOW to stay on top of these tasks without having something slip through the cracks! Pulse will now have an easy to navigate alert tab in the top right corner of every Pulse page. This tab will alert you when a task is due or overdue.

The upcoming update will also have an activities bar to the left of the page. This is going to follow all of the names in your current pipeline view, and show any associated activities you have created pertaining to those individuals. You can then simply left click on these to either update, complete, create a task, or send an email.

Where Pulse is going later this year!

In the Fall we will also be releasing a borrower portal. It will allow borrowers to upload docs, send their loan officer a secure message, view the status of the loan in real time, and they can also compare loan scenarios to and provide the Loan Officer feedback on each scenario. The final piece of this is the Loan Officers will be able to request documents from their borrowers through the portal as well. Look out for more information on this release after Pulse 5.0 is released this summer!