If you’ve been a Mortgage Loan Officer for any amount of time, you know that creating positive client experiences is number one on your list of to-dos. After all, without happy customers, how will your business thrive?

However, since you’ve started you may have been realizing just how difficult keeping up with the day-to-day really is. You may have even found yourself thinking things like…

“How am I going to follow-up with X today when I still have to hold a team meeting, meet with Z, Y + L and send an email to Realtor P I’ve been wanting to connect with?”

“I wish creating a workflow for my team was easier.”

“Where is all of that customer data again? I wish it was all in one simple place.”

“Marketing. How do I even do that?”

“How am I supposed to follow-up with past clients and nurture them when I’m so focused on bringing new leads in?”

And the list goes on.

If you’ve been finding yourself thinking any or all of these questions, a CRM (client relationship management system) is for you.

Here’s What It Does:

Leads: A great CRM should add leads directly into a LOS with customizable lead intake forms and LO landing pages, creating a straightforward process for a MLO.

Alerts: Automated loan status alerts will allow mortgage pros to update borrowers, realtors and internal staff without having to whip-up an email at a moments notice. Nice, right?

Pipelines: Repeat after us: It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets! Using a CRM’s automated, customizable pipelines to keep a team up to date on all current happenings is the way to go.

Marketing: People respond to people. Setup done-for-you marketing with email campaigns that are generated once Pulse syncs with your LOS and know that new ones will be added each month. This will leave you to focus on the things you love to do in your business.

Workflows: Keep team members on track with automatic workflows triggered by loan type, funding date or team member. No plethora of Slack channels, Asana lists or Trello boards needed. 

The time you’ll earn back is enough of a reason to give a CRM a try, but more than that? For every $1 you spend on email marketing, the average return is $38. Now that’s amazing!

Does a Mortgage CRM sound like a dream come true? Want to learn more? Sign-up for a demo at a time that works best for you, here.