It was recently announced that Russian Hackers were able to obtain over 1.2 billion stolen Internet credentials. This might not sound as big of a deal as the most recent Target data breach, which resulted in credit and debit cards becoming compromised, but when you think about all of the personal information that can be found throughout email conversations and shared files, this breach could be catastrophic to any mortgage professional.

Often times clients and employees will share information and documents that include date of birth, social security, or other sensitive information. Had a hacker been able to attain this information they could do a lot of damage to that company or individual!

To avoid these threats, make sure you are sharing and collecting information securely with policy-based encrypted email and military-grade encrypted file sharing and storage!

focusIT offers two solutions to protect you against potential hackers and breaches to protect your brand! The first is our Secure Email with policy-based encryption. We already have the policies set to automatically encrypt sensitive emails for our clients in the financial sector. The second solution is our secure file sharing solution, SecureShare that allows you and clients to upload and share personal information and documents, such as W2’s safely and securely.

To find out more about Secure Email click here, and SecureShare click here! We will also be hosting a Secure Files Sharing and Secure Email webinar on August 20th at 10am PST. To sign up click here.