Social Media.


Two words that have been known to make even the most poised mortgage professionals hands tremble and stomachs churn with knots.

But the reality? If you abide by a few key rules —it really isn’t that bad! We promise.


To prove it (+ to clue our favorite people in — you!) we brought in our resident marketing expert.


Here we go.


1. Visuals Are a Must

Using visual items paired with a short remark to get your point across is the most effective way to reach your target market. Why? A study found that after hearing information, people are only likely to remember 10% of the information 3 days later. Compared to if they were to see that written information paired with visual content, in which they’d likely remember up to 65%.


2. Reviews On-the-Ready

Encourage reviews on your Facebook page + respond to both positive and negative feedback to keep your  brand reputation looking good. With 71% of consumers recommending a brand they had a positive experience with online, you can’t afford not to make this is an aspect of your online checklist.


3. Interact

Of course responding to comments + “reacting” to timeline posts are important, but remember to do another vital thing in the world of social media: Ask questions!


1) Consumers want to be engaged with and know that their opinion is valued. It creates trust and open communication is appreciated.


2) With the new Facebook algorithm updates, anything that encourages engagement makes posts more visible. So ask questions, use those emojis (read more about that here) + get ready to answer those inquiry DM’s!


4. Make Your Personality Shine

We wrote a lot about how to create compelling marketing content, here, but wanted to include it again because it’s just so darn important! Your customers want to work with you for you so be sure to include quips you’d say IRL, pay attention to your voice (are you starting to sound like you’re controlled by a robot?) + let your talent flag fly.


5. Video is King

With the everchanging onlinescape, it’s no surprise to marketers that video is king in a big way. With Cisco predicting that global internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019, it’s time to get comfortable in front of the camera. Facebook Lives, pre-recording short vids + IGTV are all great ways to get your shining face in front of your people — not to mention, it’s another way to let your personality shine through.


We want to know: What questions do you have about social media? Would you like a separate post detailing on how to make videos work for your biz? Let us know your questions + thoughts in the comments!

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